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We expect to update the publication schedule once the Census Bureau and Congress finalize the release schedule for the 2020 Census. For now, the earliest dates in this schedule is based on the Census Bureau's traditional schedule, and the later dates reflect the Bureau's pending request for a pandemic-related extension.

  • Correctional Facility Locator (2020) Annotations and correctional facility counts by block, searchable by county. (Schedule: The PL94-171 data will be released for each state sometime between Feb. and August 2021. We expect to have this data — and our annotations — available for each state within 3 days of the data release in each state.)
  • National point shapefile with the group quarters (including correctional facilities) population and a links to our database of facility name/type annotations and racial/ethnic/sex/age data. (Schedule: We'll make this national file available within 3 days of the publication of the last state's PL94-171 data, which is currently expected between April and July 2021.)
  • Our database of annotations of each block that contains a correctional facility and the demographic breakdown of each will be accessible at the URL$geoid/ where $geoid is the 15 digit state-county-tract-code of a block with a correctional facility. (Schedule: This will be available on a rolling basis in the February to August 2021 period. Facility names and types for most facilities and race/ethnicity information for some facilities should be available within 3 days, other demographic information will be dependent upon the timing and content of the Demographic and Housing Characteristics File (previously called Summary File 1). Once our annotation process begins, this page will contain regular updates on progress.)
  • The populations and addresses of all state, federal and local correctional facilities from other sources. The data is the most recent available to most closely match the 2020 Census date.
  • A county locator tool (enter a city or town and we'll tell you what states/counties contain that city or town.)

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