Help End Prison Gerrymandering Prison gerrymandering funnels political power away from urban communities to legislators who have prisons in their (often white, rural) districts. More than a decade ago, the Prison Policy Initiative put numbers on the problem and sparked the movement to end prison gerrymandering.

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—Peter Wagner, Executive Director

Data page


2020 data and tools

The estimated dates of release for these resources are a few months broad due to the uncertainly of the Census Bureau's own release schedule at this time. The earlier side of the estimate is based on the Bureau's original schedule, and the later end of the estimate is based on the extra time they have requested from Congress due to pandemic-related delays. Once Congress approves (or disallows) the extension, we will narrow down our own publication schedule, below, accordingly.

  • Correctional Facility Locator (2020) Annotations and correctional facility counts by block, searchable by county. (Coming Feb to August 2021, shortly after the PL94-171 data is released for each state.)
  • National point shapefile with the group quarters (including correctional facilities) population and a links to our database of facility name/type annotations and racial/ethnic/sex/age data. (Available shortly after the PL94-171 data release is complete in March or July 2021.)
  • Our database of annotations of each block that contains a correctional facility and the demographic breakdown of each will be accessible at the URL$geoid/ where $geoid is the 15 digit state-county-tract-code of a block with a correctional facility. (This will be available on a rolling basis in the February to August 2021 period. Facility names and types for most facilities should be available within a few days of release, other information may take a few weeks or more. We intend to chart our progress on this page starting in January 2021.)
  • The populations and addresses of all state, federal and local correctional facilities from other sources on the most recent available date to the 2020 Census (Available Summer/Fall 2020.)
  • A county locator tool (enter a city or town and we'll tell you what states/counties contain that city or town

2010 data and tools

2000 data and tools

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