I need your help. Prison gerrymandering gives extra political power to legislators who have prisons in their districts. We put numbers on the problem and sparked a movement to protect our democratic process from the overgrown prison system.

Can you help us continue the fight? Thank you.

—Peter Wagner, Executive DirectorDonate


The U.S. Census Bureau counts incarcerated people where they are confined not where they are from. Using these counts to draw state and local legislative districts enhances the weight of a vote cast by people who live near prisons at the expense of everyone else in the state or county.

Pending legislation

  • HB 940 An act... "providing for residence of incarcerated individuals", introduced by Representatives McClinton, Schlossberg, Millard, Hill-Evans, Kinsey, Burgos, Bullock, Warren, Neilson, Fiedler, Kenyatta,Youngblood, Irvin, and Webster, March 25, 2019.

Organizations in Pennsylvania

It's impossible for us to include everyone who is working toward fair districting in Pennsylvania, but if you are looking to get involved, these are some of the people and organizations you might want to contact first:

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